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My Boss Doesn't Like Me: What to Do to Make Your Boss Like You

February 07, 2024

Many employees complain that "my boss doesn't like me" and yell at me all the time for unnecessary reasons. So, what is the solution? How to make your boss like you? Hold on. This blog will give you valuable tips to build a better relationship with your boss that positively impacts your career prospects.

Signs That Your Boss Doesn't Like You

Now, let's talk about the signs that show your boss lacks confidence in you and doesn't trust you.

You Get Lower-Quality Work than Other Employees 

When it comes to that workload, have you ever felt that your colleagues are off-tackling cool projects, and you're stuck with less challenging tasks? Isn't it like being served watered-down coffee while everyone sips on artisanal lattes? Not cool, right?

Being Managed More Closely than Others

If your work buddies seem to have the freedom to spread their wings and your boss is constantly breathing down your neck, double-checking everything you do, then it's a sign that your boss doesn't like you. We understand how suffocating it feels.

Not Getting Opportunities for Growth  

Now, we come to the most critical part – growth opportunities. While your co-workers are gaining promotions and juicy projects… and you're getting nothing except excuses?? Well, it's like everyone's invited to the party, but you never get the RSVP.

Tips to Make Your Boss Like You

When your boss doesn't like you, you must follow these tips to earn his trust back.

1. Clarify Expectations

You already know that the communication is the key. Now, the time has come to apply it. In those one-on-one meetings, don't beat around the bush. Understood?? It would help to ask your boss what they expect from you confidently. All you have to do is to be crystal clear on what success looks like for new assignments. Remember – there's no room for guessing games here.

2. Demonstrate Competence and Reliability

To make your boss like you, showcase what you're made of to him. Highlight your strengths to him and make them aware of your capabilities. And don't be afraid to show your weaker spots, too. Showing your weaknesses can work in your favour. And most importantly, don't go solo on this- build your little squad with trusted colleagues to vouch for you.

3. Provide Casual Check-ins On Your Work

Your boss's casual check-in on your work could be your golden ticket. Yes, you heard it right. Keep your boss in the loop with progress reports, and let them be aware that you're on top of things. This approach will establish your reliability in front of your boss.

4. Be Punctual

And here is the bonus tip to make your boss like you: Always be punctual, and don't waste your time on unnecessary stuff and gossip. If you come to the office late regularly or indulge in office politics and gossip excessively, it leaves a bad impression on your boss. So mind your business, and show him you're a hard-working and responsible employee.

5. Accept Your Mistakes 

Let's remember one of the most crucial tips. If you made any mistake, accept it. After all, we're all human and tend to make mistakes. But accepting your mistake and showing that you're accountable can speak volumes about your character. 

Wrap UP

With these tips, you can build a better rapport and ensure your boss likes you. With the right strategy, you can turn around even strained boss relationships.

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Learn how to make your boss like you and improve your relationship with him. This guide provides tips for earning back your boss's trust.

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