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Is it Embarrassing to Go Back to Your Old Job?

May 08, 2024

Have you ever gone to your old company or toyed with the idea? Seems like a lot of us are doing it these days, becoming what they call "boomerang employees". That's when you leave a job, wave goodbye, and then - for one reason or another - end up swinging right back.

Should I Go Back to My Old Job? What to Do

"Why'd you leave the workplace"? 

Handling a career backtrack requires finesse, especially if you walked away under less-than-perfect circumstances. You'd likely wonder about the best way to rejoin the old job, whether to just pick up where you left off, and how to tackle the unavoidable question: "Why'd you leave, and what brought you back?"

Through the many people we've seen tackle this condition, we've gathered that going back to your old job isn't just about making a U-turn; it involves considering all those nuanced reasons that pulled you away in the first place.

Step by Step: Should I Stay or Should I Boomerang?

1. Give It Time

Before leaving your new job and planning to go to your old company, ask yourself if you made a good decision. Jobs are like new shoes; sometimes, they just need a little break-in. Unless it's totally wrong for you or it's messing with your mind, hanging in there for a few months might just change your mind.

2. Ease Up On Yourself

Remember the last time you blamed yourself when things didn't pan out? Stop that! Decisions are made with the best information at hand, and outcomes aren't always in our control. 

How to Handle the Why's

3. Spin It Positive

When people ask, "So, what happened?", keep your cool and your narrative positive. Spilling office dirt might seem tempting, but it isn't fruitful. Say what's necessary, but focus more on why returning was a good decision. It's about walking forward, not looking back.

4. Reset Expectations

Returning to your old job, show how you've evolved. Maybe you're managing those who were once your co-workers or maybe even your old boss! Keep things formal at the start as you reintroduce your new self. How you handle this can set the tone for your renewed tenure.

Is it embarrassing to go back to your old job?  Practical Pieces of Advice

1. Analyze your Current Work Place

Take your time to feel out of your current job before rushing back to familiar pastures. Sometimes, the new place might just surprise you with its charms once you settle in.

2. Reach Out

Got a good rapport with your old boss? A candid conversation about your intent to return might boost your chances if done with grace and genuine interest.

3. Check the Rules

Make sure you left on good terms; some companies have policies about rehiring. If direct re-entry is a no-go, maybe there's a freelance or consultant angle you can work.

4. Show Off Your New Skills

Coming back doesn't just mean slotting into old patterns. Showcase how your new experiences and skills can bring added value to the table.

5. Prove Your Commitment

Understandably, there might be reservations about your return. Assure them of your long-term interest and how eager you are to contribute with your new insights.

6. No Extensive Training Required! 

A big plus of going back to the old workplace?? No extensive training is required. You're already familiar with the nooks and crannies of how things operate!

7. Let Your Current Boss Know

Got the green light to return? Do the decent thing and give your current employer a heads-up. It's just good manners.

Wrap Up

So, if you ever consider returning to your old job, just know that it's perfectly okay. It's not a sign of failure but a strategic step back into a familiar ring. Just make sure you return to your old workplace with new enthusiasm. 

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