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Is It Bad to Quit a Job After Just a Month?

May 09, 2024

Have you been trapped in a situation where you just started a new job, and within a few weeks, you realized this isn't going to work out?? But the confusion is – "Is it bad to quit a job after just a month?" 

Does sticking around in a job you dislike do more good than harm? Well, let's discuss about quitting a job after a month.

Leaving a Job After a Month: When it's Totally Fine 

Alright, to be honest, if your current job that you have joined recently sucks the life out of you and an excellent opportunity knocks on your door, it's perfectly okay to hand in that resignation - even if it's been just a month. 

Extra tip: We suggest you not include your current job in your resume to dodge a barrage of 'why' questions in your following interview.

Reasons For Quitting a Job After a Month

Imagine you joined a company just because you were attracted to a flash website or an exciting job description. You later found that the reality was far from your expectations. If what you're doing daily is miles apart from what was advertised, looking for another opportunity totally makes sense.

1. Craving Better Management

Good managers are true gems; they make everything better. Suppose you find leadership lacking in the current workplace. In that case, you need to find a better workplace, as it's tough to envision growth and satisfaction there. It's totally justified to start looking elsewhere if your support system at work is non-existent.

2. The Onboarding Process

If you're not getting proper training or warmth at your new workplace, it might signal broader issues within the company. It's more than enough reason to reconsider your choice.

3. Having a Better Job Offer

So, you've just settled into your new workplace, and suddenly, an offer from your dream company slides into your inbox. Well, it's like the universe is giving you a sign to grab better opportunities when they arise.

4. When the Vibe Just Isn't Right

Ever walked into a workplace and instantly felt off? Here, the company culture plays a huge role. If you find yourself dreading the environment more than the Monday blues, that's a red flag waving furiously.

How to Quit a Job You Just Started 1 Month Ago

If you're planning to quit your current job that you have joined recently, here are some suggestions to keep it smooth and professional:

Put It in Writing: Leave the workplace with a written notice. Make sure you resign with a professional resignation letter in person or via email.

Show Gratitude: Always start the conversation by expressing thanks for the opportunity. Quit the workplace with a sweet note. 

Provide Constructive Feedback: Share what makes you quit the workplace. This will help the company improve and make an impression that you care about more than just your own track.

Expect Some Negotiation

When you usually surprise your company with a resignation, it might lead your boss to scramble with counteroffers. Be ready for this, and if your decision is solid, practice a polite but firm 'no'.

Discuss the Final Details

Clarify if you should stick around for the customary two weeks or pack up sooner to clarify expectations and help maintain professionalism.

Should You List This Job on Your Resume?

Let's come to an important question: "Should you add your temporary job to your resume"? Well, if the job adds value to your career narrative, you can add it under a "temporary jobs" category. If not, don't think much; it's perfectly acceptable to skip it on your resume. Be honest but strategic about your career history.

Wrap Up

Don't put yourself into guilt; leaving a job shortly after starting isn't the end of the world. It's about prioritizing your well-being and career aspirations first. Every job is an important step toward your career goals. 

Most importantly, always trust your gut, value your happiness, and keep going for what feels right in your career journey!

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Quitting a job after 1 month can be tricky. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. New job search might be tough.

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