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How to Tell Your Boss You Got a New Job

May 15, 2024

What’s more exciting than having a new job offer!!! It’s a totally fresh opportunity, perhaps a step up the career ladder or even just a shift towards something you’re passionate about. But hold on!! Here, your excitement is going to be slightly less when you have to tell your current boss that you have got a new job! Don’t worry, that’s what we’re all about. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, this guide will help tell your boss that you got a new job. 

Tips to Tell Your Boss You Got a New Job Opportunity

1. Make it Personal: Why In-Person Matters

If you’re on good terms with your boss, it's crucial to maintain that positive relationship. Opting for a one-to-one conversation might seem daunting, but it's the best way to ensure your boss understands your decision and respects it. Dropping your resignation into a digital message might seem easier, but it lacks the personal touch that can maintain a positive relationship.

So how should you talk to your boss about your new opportunity? Maybe start with a polite email requesting a brief meeting. Or alternatively, a simple knock and a “Do you have a moment?” can open the door to a more personal and respectful discussion about your new role.

2. Keep it Real: Honesty with a Touch of Tact

To be honest, it’s probably not all roses, which is why you’re leaving, right? Maybe the reason could lie around better benefits, like a higher salary, or escaping a less-than-ideal work environment. So it’s important to communicate your reasons. 

Remember to be honest, but also be diplomatic; your feedback might  pave the way for improvements after you’re gone. If the atmosphere at work is toxic, discuss it constructively. Companies often value such honesty as it can spark positive changes, leading to a better work environment for your colleagues.

3. Be Prepared to Handle a Counteroffer

When you tell your boss that you have got a new job offer, there’s a chance your boss might throw a counteroffer your way!! It happens, especially if you’re a valued member of your company. 

Consider what it would take to make you stay - more money? Flexible hours? A promotion? Reflect on these aspects before the meeting so you’re not caught off guard. Being prepared will give you the clarity to make decisions that align with your career goals, whether that's accepting a counteroffer or sticking to your new job offer.

4. Accepting Gracefully: How to Nail the Job Acceptance

Got the job? Congrats! How you accept an offer can set the tone for your new job. First, express genuine gratitude and enthusiasm to the hiring manager - it shows you’re both excited and professional. Haven’t ironed out the details like salary yet? Now’s the time to negotiate. 

Remember, your leverage is strongest before you’ve said yes. And when you do know your start date and everything’s looking good, that’s your cue to inform your current boss about your impending exit.

5. Turn Offers into Opportunities: Using a Job Offer to Negotiate a Raise

Meanwhile, there is something to think about - What if you didn’t get a counteroffer but didn’t want to leave that workplace? Maybe you used the job offer as leverage to better your current situation. In this situation, just discuss your current salary with your boss and make a clear statement of your value. Inform your boss about the offer and express your desire to stay, given the right match. It puts you in a strong position to negotiate, and regardless of the outcome, you’ve just boosted your market value massively.

Wrap Up

By following these tips, you can communicate with your boss about your new job offer. Remember, in such a situation, communication always plays an important role. And most importantly, it depends on you how you get the most out of our new job offer!!

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Let your boss know you have accepted a new job offer with confidence. Find tips on how to communicate your transition smoothly and professionally.

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