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How to Talk to Your Boss: Avoid Saying These 5 Things to Your Boss

February 14, 2024

Not all bosses are the same. Some are cool and easy to communicate with, while others are too toxic to talk to. Is there a secret communication trick to effectively talking to your boss? Thankfully, yes. In this blog, we will guide you on how to talk to your boss and make a long-lasting impression. We will also advise you on what things you must avoid saying to your boss while talking.

5 Tips on How to Talk To Your Boss 

1. Respect is the Key

2. Never Say to Your Boss, "That's not my Job":

3. Talk to Your Boss with Facts and Data  

4. Never Gossip About Other Employees To Your Boss

5. Don't Take Criticism Personally 

1. Respect is the Key

Your boss may not be as supportive as you expect him to be. Perhaps he is too toxic to talk to and always cancels your leave at the last moment! Nevertheless, when you talk to your boss, always show some respect for him and speak to him calmly and gently. "Haven't you heard before that 'it's always good to be good'?" We understand that you might be wondering why you should show respect to somebody who never respects your efforts. Look at the bigger picture and understand the long-term benefits of showing respect to your boss.

2. Never Say to Your Boss, "That's not my Job"

The most important rule of "How to talk to your boss" is never to say, "That's not my job." Avoid saying these types of words unless the work is out of your league. If the boss asks you to do specific work, prioritize it and give your 200% to make it perfect. Suppose your boss always asks you to do work unrelated to your job description. In that case, you must talk to him about your work responsibilities.

3. Talk to Your Boss with Facts and Data

Most employees use words like "I feel like" when proposing something to their boss, right? But let us tell you, this is not the way. Starting with "I feel like" shows that you lack confidence in your idea and are unsure about it. Instead, always confidently express your thoughts and support them with facts, data, and evidence. It adds weight to your ideas and creates the impression of a great critical thinker.

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4. Never Gossip About Other Employees to Your Boss

Some employees think that gossiping about other employees to the boss can win them favour. However, this is wrong. Always remember that your boss is also involved in office politics. He has far more experience with all these tactics. So, if you don't want to create a negative impression on your boss, never gossip about other employees to your boss. 

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5. Don't Take Criticism Personally

Sometimes, bosses are in a strict mood due to professional or personal reasons. So, some of your small mistakes may trigger them and lead to criticism. In that case, don't take it personally or respond with the same tone of voice. Listen to them calmly and later discuss the whole matter.

Wrap Up

These are the top tips on how to talk to your boss and what to avoid while conversing with him. These approaches can help you build a solid reputation with your boss. And in case these tips won't work wonders for you, it's time to consider switching to a new workplace. Sign up for Xcruit now and explore the thousands of job opportunities.  

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Learn how to talk to your boss to make a long-lasting impression. We will guide you on what to avoid saying to your boss while talking.

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