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How to Avoid Layoffs: Tips to Stay Employed

March 12, 2024

Layoffs can leave anyone feeling as useless as a new "Note" Feature of Instagram!! When companies start laying off, even the most valuable employees can become nervous nellies. But before you begin stress-eating doughnuts by the dozen, take a deep breath and read this blog on how to avoid being laid off. We'll give you some handy tips to keep your job during lean times.  

Avoid Being Laid off: Shift to Money-Making Positions

When budgets get tight, revenue is king. Companies will protect profit drivers. So, if you want job security, migrate to sales or other money-making positions. You could even learn to sell ice to Eskimos if that's what it takes! The point is to make yourself invaluable to the company's bottom line. Once you do it, they'll be begging you to stay.

Increase Your Likeability to Avoid Being Laid Off 

Let's be honest - layoffs often target people others don't like!! Maybe you're that coworker with a perpetual bond or the office grump who complains about everything. Well, it's time for an attitude adjustment! 

Make an effort to connect with colleagues and show you care. Crack jokes, ask about their kids, and bring snacks to share. Become someone people want to work with. Before you know it, you'll be so popular that layoffs won't stand a chance.

Volunteer for the Crap Projects

When management needs a warm body for a high-stress, underappreciated project, be the first to raise your hand. Just be smart; if layoffs hit mid-project, they likely won't cut someone integral to its success. So say goodbye to your free time and hello to job security! Consider it an investment in your employment. 

Share Your Skills  

You may think hoarding your special skills protects your job. Right??? But actually, the opposite is true! You become more valuable to the company when you teach and coach others. You're helping rebuild the team for future success. It shows you care about more than just yourself.

Keep Your Head Down Post-Layoffs

When layoffs strike, do NOT join in the gossip afterwards. That kind of talk drags everyone down. Management will be watching reactions closely to see who handles change maturely. You could be next on the layoff list if you're weeping at your desk or trashing leadership's decisions! Just keep calm and carry on.  

Show Your Value

At the end of the day, employers want to know you'll contribute value, especially during tough times. Step up as a leader whenever possible. Make it clear you'll do whatever it takes to save the ship from sinking, whether it's working weekends or swabbing the decks. 

Tell your boss all your ideas to increase efficiency and revenue for extra credit. Prove you're an invaluable crew member, and they'd be crazy to throw you overboard. Even suggest taking a pay cut to avoid layoffs, if needed. 

What If You Do Get Laid Off? 

Okay, sometimes layoffs happen no matter what. Don't despair! Use any newfound free time to boost your skills for the next job. Study leadership, sales, finance - anything that makes you more marketable.  

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