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Employee Wellness Challenges Ideas to Try at the Office

February 19, 2024

The daily grind at work can make you forget that you also have a body that needs to stay healthy. Sometimes, you may need a break from the hassle of work to focus on your wellness. The best way to achieve this is to create employee wellness challenges that turn the office into a playground for good health.

Here are Some Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try at Your Office:

Ready, Set, Go Green!

The 'Eat Your Veggies' challenge is for more than just kids. You can also try it at your office. Just create a point system for each type of veggie eaten and watch your team members turn into rabbits munching on carrots and bragging about their broccoli intake. To add fun, give bonus points to anyone who convinces the office foodie to swap their donut for a cucumber.

Wellness Challenge through Stairs 

Do you know what's better than taking the elevator? A company wellness challenge that revolves around taking the stairs! Create a challenge where employees have to take stairs instead of elevators. This simple step count will directly contribute to their physical health.  

Bring your Lunch

To motivate employees towards mindful eating, create a wellness challenge where employees have to bring homemade food to the office. This initiative will prevent them from eating outside food at lunch hours.  

Mind Your Mindfulness 

With all that rushing to tick off to-do lists, we sometimes must remember to be in the now. Could mindfulness programs be the calm in the storm of deadlines? Meditation or simply ten minutes of quiet time can recharge those frazzled brains. They can also lead to a lot of productivity!

 Laugh It Out

Why not have a 'crack the best office joke' challenge? Laughter is the best medicine, after all. At the end of each week, vote on the funniest moment. You'll be surprised how a shared giggle can lift the atmosphere! 

Community Service Challenge

Wellness isn't just about the body; it's about the heart, too. You can also launch a community service challenge. It could be a run for charity or organizing a park clean-up. Nothing like contributing to a cause more significant than the next sales target brings a team together.

Cooking Challenge

Who's the secret chef of the office? Find out with a healthy cooking contest. Make it a weekly affair - 'Mutton Monday' or 'Tofu Tuesday,' maybe? Everyone will bring their unique dish. Taste everyone's delicious dishes. With this cooking challenge, you can enjoy different flavours of the same food.

Sketching Wellness Challenge

Bring out your inner Picassos with an art therapy challenge! Don't worry; it's not about creating a masterpiece to hang in the common hall. Make some funny sketches of your co-workers and later share them with them. This approach will reduce your stress in no time and make you smile.

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Filling Your Jars of Joy: The Positivity Wellness Challenge

Let's bottle up those good vibes with something as simple as a compliment. Put a positivity jar at everyone's desk and ask employees to write a note with good compliments. By the end of the week, ask everyone to read it individually. This workplace wellness challenge isn't just about feeling good but creating a tsunami of positivity. 

The Office Plant Parenthood

Bring a bit of green into that beige office life with a plant-growing challenge. Not only do plants make you feel responsible and proud, but they freshen up the place.

No Spend Challenge

Here's an essential financial wellness challenge for your wallet and mental wellness! Try a 'no spend' challenge where you only buy essentials. Not only does this bring mindfulness about consumption, but at the end of the month, the one with the most savings will get crowned with the title of THE BUDGET BOSS! 

Wrap Up 

So what are you waiting for? Pick one, two, or a handful of these wellness challenge ideas and try them at your workplace. All these ideas will bring a new adventure to your office. And remember, when it comes to employee wellness challenges, the biggest winner is always the team spirit!   

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