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Cracking the Code: Tips to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

August 28, 2023

Are you also one of the survivors of the job application marathon? If yes, then you know that feeling when you finish a job hunt, and it's like you've completed a triathlon while juggling flaming bowling pins.

We've all often been on that roller coaster. But don't you think that it shouldn't be that way? In this era where the job market is hotter than the debate of Messi vs. Ronaldo, nailing a top-notch candidate experience is like adding rocket boosters to your hiring game. 

Candidate experience is basically how a job applicant perceives your company after going through your hiring process - whether they score the gig or not.

In this blog, we're going to guide you with some tips on creating an adventurous candidate experience rather than a journey to the Bermuda Triangle.

What is Candidate Experience?

So, you know how some companies just nail it when it comes to treating job seekers? And then there are those who need to catch up on the whole "human connection" thing. Well, that's what candidate experience is all about. It's how applicants feel about a company after going through their hiring process – whether they land the gig or not.

Why Candidate Experience Matters More Than Your Morning Coffee 

Hold on to your hats because here's the real deal. A bad candidate experience can lead to missed opportunities in hiring top-notch talent, plus a bunch of side effects like losing respect as an employer and taking a hit to your company's reputation. 

But what about a good candidate experience? Well, that can make people want to work for you even if they didn't snag the job. And if you go the extra mile and make it amazing? Those candidates might just start singing your praises before they even join the team.

Decoding the Candidate Experience

Interviews get a lot of spotlight, but it's the whole ride that counts. The candidate experience is the sum of all the touchpoints someone has with your company – from finding the job listing to sending in their application, going through interviews, and even stepping into their new role. 

By mapping out the candidate experience, you can improve those areas that are helpful in enhancing the candidate experience and creating a more streamlined hiring process. This way, you can give job seekers a top-notch experience from start to finish.

Writing Job Descriptions That Spark Interest, Not Yawns

Imagine the job description as your first "Hey there!" to potential candidates. You want it to be awesome, right? Clear, concise, and totally honest – that's the way to go. Make sure it has the following:

- A snappy summary of the role

- The scoop on responsibilities and tasks

- Must-have skills and qualifications

- What's in it for them (compensation and benefits)

- A peek into your company culture and vibe

Always keep it real while writing a job description. Don't fill your job description with jargon or words that only make sense to insiders. Try to keep it clear and simple, like explaining memes to your grandma.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Social Media

Social media isn't just for posting pics of your delicious cuisines and scrolling reels. It's your secret weapon to show off your company's cool side. Use social media platforms to share the latest news, drop hints about upcoming events, and give potential hires a taste of your unique culture. 

Furthermore, you can create a catchy careers hashtag – it's like an extra topping on your pizza that helps job seekers connect with your company's vibe. Plus, it boosts engagement and gets people talking about you.

Play Fair in the Hiring Game

Now, let's talk about fairness. We all know that not every applicant will land the job, but that doesn't mean those who haven't received the offer letter should feel like they got a raw deal. In the world of hiring, fairness is key. Whatever the outcome is, candidates want to feel like they have a fair shot to show off their skills. That's where the importance of unbiased hiring practices comes into play.

The Power of Positive Feedback

To rock the candidate experience, you need to be open to feedback from both sides. Let candidates share their thoughts on your hiring process. It's like getting insider info on how to level up your game.

Guess what? Candidates also love feedback. The magic happens when you give it to them – especially about how they fit the job or their assessment. The number of happy candidates goes up, and they're more likely to build a pro connection with you. This results in 

Wrap Up

Creating an amazing candidate experience is like weaving a tapestry of good vibes and awesome connections. From clear job descriptions to fairness and feedback, it's all about treating candidates the way you'd want to be treated. Get out there and give those job seekers a journey to remember.          

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Candidate experience is basically how a job applicant perceives your company after going through your hiring process whether they score the gig or not.

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