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Connecting is fundamental at TTEC even during pandemic

January 16, 2023

Connecting is fundamental at TTEC

A leading BPO company that’s customer-obsessed, digitally-empowered, and outcome-focused, TTEC knows the value of creating great connections, especially among its employees. That’s why the company goes beyond simply trying to offer competitive compensation and benefits or excellent career development plans.

Building a real community and maximizing the employee experience are key components of TTEC’s DNA. Its purpose is to deliver humanity to business and that applies to its own workforce.

TTEC is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that champions diversity. Valuing all employees and allowing them to bring their authentic selves to work helps TTEC develop dynamic teams that can succeed in different ways and in different situations. For 40 years, this award-winning company has focused on providing both amazing customer and employee experiences by putting people at the core of what it does.

Work-fun balance

Aside from a diverse company, TTEC also aims to be an engaging community. One that not only supports employees’ personal and career development plans, but also the enjoyment of their everyday experiences. They bring their people together through company-wide activities like parties, fun runs, contests, concerts, and more.

And during the pandemic when many jobs shifted to work-from-home set-ups, TTEC made an effort to transition company events to digital media. They didn’t want to lose the human touch among colleagues.

All set to reconnect

Now, during the Covid 19 transition back to work, TTEC is ready to welcome its community back to their offices. Not all programs, accounts, and departments are going back on-site. Still, the company is ready to accommodate those who are shifting back to face-to-face set-ups by ensuring its work spaces are safe and comfortable.

TTEC offices are fully equipped with the essential amenities for a BPO company – anything that supports employees and allows them to be at their most productive. Surely, some employees have missed the reliability of the amenities and services on-hand at the site. TTEC is definitely ready for the return of employees.

The biggest part of their preparedness for the transitioning back to work after Covid is their health and safety protocols. All offices where employees report on-site have undergone strict approval processes to determine site-readiness following government-released guidelines. There are strict operational policies on health and safety, as well. TTEC regularly disinfects their offices through intensive cleaning services.

There are increased numbers of sanitation stations and plenty of safety signages on social distancing, room capacities, and other precautions being followed. All safety guidelines are strictly implemented, because TTEC wants an engaged, connected, and ultimately healthy workplace. With the well-equipped, highly safe offices at TTEC, people can feel assured that working on-site will be fun, interactive, and secure again.

Getting our groove back

There’s an authenticity, a significance to physical presence that can’t be replicated, and TTEC is ready to bring that feeling back for those returning to on-site work. So, if you’re looking for a career full of camaraderie, purpose, and growth, head on over to TTEC. They’re ready to connect with you!

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