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Grow your career with volunteer work

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Published on October 09, 2020

Give back to the community while preparing to launch your career: The many wonders of volunteer work

It’s great to live in an era where we take social responsibility seriously.

Signing up for volunteer work means you get to share your skills, strengths, and resources for a cause. Volunteer work is a safe space where you get to share your passion with like-minded people, connected by the intention to improve the world we live in.

Here in the Philippines, there are numerous non-profit organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises you can join, depending on your skills and the cause you want to support. If you have a heart for animals and possibly have a science degree, you can sign up for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines volunteer work. Have a soft spot for children and passionate about making sure they live well and are not deprived of basic human rights? UNICEF Philippines is open to volunteers. Want to reach out to communities in need and improve their living conditions? There’s Gawad Kalinga and Human Nature. In the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of companies and individuals also stepped up to ensure that none of our fellow Filipinos gets left behind. Almost overnight they found ways to provide access to food, shelter, and personal protective equipment (PPEs) to those who need it the most.

On top of supporting a cause close to your heart, signing up for volunteer work also prepares you for the career you want to have. While you may or may not get an allowance from it, you’ll develop invaluable skills that are good both IRL and on paper (aka your resume). It’s a win-win!

Top five reasons why you should sign up for volunteer work

1. Develop work skills

Without some of the pressures associated with working as an employee, participating in volunteer work gives more leeway to self-discovery. Bit by bit you’ll realize what makes you happy, what your working style is, and even what you can do, while doing it. Through volunteer opportunities, you can develop work skills such as problem solving, time management, and organizational skills. You’ll also develop good people skills such as communication and collaboration. Add these to your academic qualifications and it will be easier for you to navigate the working world.

2. Gain work experience

As mentioned earlier, the work experience you gain from volunteering counts. While this on its own is great, it also answers the dilemma of fresh graduates applying to jobs that require previous work experience. Take this opportunity to show what you have to offer when you sign up for volunteer opportunities.

3. Grow your network

Since you’re collaborating with like-minded individuals, the people you connect with while doing volunteer work will likely become friends for life. Aside from working with volunteers who share your passion, you’ll also connect with individuals who can become mentors and give you sound advice even as you move to corporate.

4. Learn some of the best things in life

When you immerse in volunteer work, you’ll gain invaluable experiences that you didn’t get in the classroom. You’ll expand your world beyond school and your community, meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Listen to their stories and learn from their experiences—we promise, you’ll pick up life lessons along the way.

5. Get your feet wet in applying for work

Signing up for volunteer work doesn’t come instantly. While there are lots of non-profit organizations to join, they also need to see who can best fit their team in extending their cause. Applying for a job is akin to signing up for volunteer work: You send your intention to join, the organization will contact you, and if you get the part, you’ll join their team. The same is true when applying for a job. Since you’ll have prior experience applying, you won’t feel as nervous anymore when it’s time to apply to corporate jobs.

When you are ready, armed with your newfound experiences, Xcruit will be here for you to help launch your career. Update your profile with your achievements and learned skills in volunteer work and we’ll send you corporate jobs that match your qualifications.

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