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How to make a winning resume: CV writing tips

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Published on October 15, 2020

Five tips on how to make a resume based on what recruiters look for

Six seconds is all it takes for a recruiter to decide if your CV sample makes the cut or not. Judgy much? Not exactly. Vetting job applicants initially through CVs, after all, is part of their work. With recruiters reviewing hundreds of resumes of job applicants in a day, they have no choice but to be efficient and systematic. In six seconds, they need to see if you, as a job candidate, are a fit for the role you are applying for.

So how do you pass this initial resume review? What exactly do recruiters look for when they are reviewing CVs? Do you need a resume template?

Whether you are writing your first resume, or updating your CV as a candidate with years of experience, follow our five tips on how to create a resume and get higher chances of securing a job interview. Stand out from competition and create a CV that would capture a recruiter’s attention in the quickest time possible. Following these CV writing tips, you can create your own resume template.

Five resume writing tips from Xcruit

How to make a resume, tip number 1: Give recruiters a reason to review your CV further.

Instead of just saying what you can do, position it in a way that you tell the recruiter what you can do for the company you are applying for. Write an “about me” section to introduce yourself. Make it short, sweet, and substantial. Briefly state who you are and what you can do. You can also add what you are looking for. Think of it as a teaser—or even a tweet—to break the ice and get the recruiter curious about you.

It can even be as short as: I am a visual storyteller specializing in growing brand awareness, with 10 years experience in FMCG.

Or something as detailed as: I am an IT professional specializing in cloud strategies, intelligent enterprise, and automation. For the past three years, I have been leading a global retail company in their cloud migration initiatives.

How to make a resume, tip number 2: List down your work experience.

From the start, show recruiters that you have the relevant work experience for the job you are applying for. Think of it as headers for your accomplishments. Systematically list down your work experience as your resume format, writing the latest experience on top and your first work experience as the last one. Lay out your cards well.

This is how you write your work experience neatly:

Work experience formatWork experience sample
Job TitleCompanyDates you were part of the companySenior Business AnalystXcruitAugust 2010 to present

If you need to save space, you can also write it as:

Senior Business Analyst

Xcruit | August 2010 to present

If it’s clearly written this way, recruiters will read what your role entailed (more about this on the next tip).

How to make a resume, tip number 3: Quantify your accomplishments. Make it results and action oriented.

Think of your achievements as the star of the show. Shine the spotlight on what you have accomplished at your previous jobs. This shows recruiters that you are capable of producing excellent results. A good starting format would be: name of project – tasks completed – results or impact of this work. Start with an impactful opening or action word, then wrap it up neatly with results.

Take a look at these CV examples:

• Consistently exceeded 300 cold and follow-up calls weekly, earning recognition as top 3 reps based on call volume.

• Spearheaded the UX/UI transformation of the website, which increased the daily visits by 500% and time spent on site by 3x.

• Created supply chain strategies for a startup company, resulting to a more efficient supply production and distribution and saving the company Php 2 million in six months.

How to make a resume, tip number 4: Highlight your skills.

Recruiters most likely have a list of skills in mind before they posted the job opening. Ensure that you have the right skills for the role that you are applying for. If it matches with what the recruiter needs, then you’re a step closer to securing a job interview.

How to make a resume, tip number 5: Cut the clutter.

If your resume is easy to read, then you are encouraging your recruiter to read your resume further and learn more about you.

• Use a font type that’s professional looking and easy on the eyes, such as Calibri or Arial.

• Write concise sentences.

• Avoid paragraphs and use bullet points instead.

If you need further help on how to create stunning resumes, watch out for our next CV Creation class. Simply complete your Xcruit profile to get the Xcruit E-Card, which serves as your all-access pass to our free webinars.

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