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Apply for the best job for you through Xcruit

By Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor

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Find work that fits you best through Xcruit

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we work. Times have changed and the conditions for finding jobs and even its availability may have changed. Rest assured that we at Xcruit are dedicated to connecting employees and employers, and supporting the Filipino workforce in every way that we can.

We understand how personal finding a job is. With thousands of job opportunities available, how do you find the right work for you? We’re sure you want to give your best and contribute positively to our community, while getting the best employment opportunity.

To make job hunting easier for you, we’ve listed some techniques on how you can build your Xcruit profile. Follow our tips and find not just jobs, but work that fits you best.

Tips on how to maximize your Xcruit profile

Find jobs that match your preferences

Find jobs that match your skills, strengths, and experiences. Under the Target Jobs section, edit your Xcruit profile to add your preferred Job Title, Industry, Job Function, and Position.

For Job Title, you can write your current position title, such as IT specialist, Business Analyst, or Accountant. If you are a fresh graduate, it’s ok to write the work you aspire for, such as Engineer, UX Designer, or Data Scientist.

Job Preferences Settings in Xcruit

Find work-from-home jobs, or work near your home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our priorities, including our careers. With working from home being the new normal, you can now find work-from-home jobs by adding this option as your preferred work location. This is on top of choosing work locations by city, such as finding jobs in Makati, Ortigas, or Alabang.

For the rest of the options, you can easily fill these in using our dropdown feature. Just choose your preferences that best describe your work from the dropdown menus under Industry, Job Function, and Position. To help you thrive in the long run, choose an industry that matches your needs and interests. Let’s say you’re an HR practitioner. You can practically work in any industry like because all companies have an HR department. Now it comes down to you – are you a night owl that would enjoy the odd hours of the BPO industry? Or maybe you prefer the exciting world of media? Putting an industry preference will give you better job opening matches.

Locations Preference Setting in Xcruit

Leverage your expertise by adding your work preferences

As mentioned earlier, you will get a curated list of Job Function/Expertise. After updating the Industry you want to work for, choose your preference from the pre-populated dropdown menu.

Job Function Preferences Setting in Xcruit

If you prefer to work part-time, you can add this too!

Now let’s move on to the reason most of us are working – the salary! You can easily find jobs that match your asking salary when you add your Preferred Salary. Make sure it’s in Philippine Pesos!

Job Type Preference Setting in Xcruit

Get employers to notice you using your work background

Your Xcruit profile acts as your online CV. Catch the attention of prospective employers by giving them a clear picture of your work experience. Show them that you have the relevant experience by adding your Company Industry, Job Title, and Expertise. Add your work responsibilities under Job Description and Achievements.

Job Responsibilities and Achievements Setting in Xcruit

Highlight your skills to make your profile stand out

Show that you are a cut above the rest! List down your soft skills and hard skills under Skills, and the programs you use to accomplish your work under Tools. Don’t forget to include your certifications, especially if you’re in the field of IT, Digital Marketing or Data Science. Recruiters for technical specializations really look at this one.

Skills Setting in Xcruit

Armed with these tips on how to find jobs effectively, we hope you’re now set to get that job you’re aspiring for! Update your Xcruit profile now and find job opportunities that will match the real you.

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Bonus: You’ll earn a free Xcruit E-Card when you complete your profile! Use this membership card to enjoy perks which you can use to access free trainings and discounts at restaurants and fitness studios.