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Future-proof your career for the “new normal”

By Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor

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Get free trainings from home: Future-proofing your career for the “new normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we work. Times have changed and the conditions for finding jobs and even its availability may have changed. Rest assured that we at Xcruit are dedicated to connecting employees and employers, and supporting the Filipino workforce in every way that we can.

As we ease into life after the lockdown, we are also finding ways on how we can thrive given our new working conditions. Our job security might have been (or still is being) tested, so what do we do now?

You’ve got the power!

Given the changing employment landscape, now is the best time to take charge of your career and take on new skills. Learning skills enables you to be agile and quick to adapt. Building new skill sets also means that you are giving yourself an edge to face ever-changing needs. You can take free technical trainings, leadership seminars, or even personal development courses. Take advantage of free online courses. When it comes to growing your career, you are only limited by your time and your willingness to keep learning.

Gain new skills to future-proof your career

Ready to step up? What do you want to learn, and what would it be for? Set your goals and intentions for learning. Create a clear path you want to take and stick to it. Check free online courses. As mentioned earlier, we have segmented the trainings you can take into three types:

1. Technical certifications: These are trainings you need to take to develop specialized hard skills. It enables you to work in specific roles and industries, such as big data and web development.

Why it’s important: Taking technical trainings will earn you certificates which prove that you are versed in particular programs and tools. If you are interested to grow your career in the field of technology, some of the technical courses you can take are cloud certification or certificates in programming language. Digital marketing is yet another in-demand skill where you have a variety of specializations (e.g. SEO, SEM) and tools (e.g. Google, Hubspot) to choose from.

2. Skills trainings: Upskilling means we can create more value both for our work and ourselves. You can choose to develop skills that you can use along with your current role. For instance, if you’re in marketing, you can learn about content or elements of design. Prioritize the skills that would enable you to do your work better.

Why it’s important: Take trainings where you can step up and stand out at work (and maybe get that promotion). But more than this, it’s really important to build the skills you need in the digital age.

3. Personality development and self-growth courses - There are certain skills that we need to build because they benefit us in our everyday interactions, such as communication and presentation skills. But given that we are going through a pandemic right now, it would also be helpful to take a look at personality development seminars that are good for the soul, like learning mindfulness, managing stress and building resilience.

Why it’s important: These are skills that benefit every aspect of our life, from how we want to be perceived to how we view the world. Self-improvement is a lifelong process and it is something that everyone should be investing in.

There are many ways and it’s up to you to choose the path you want to take. Here in Xcruit, we recognize the need for trainings and we help out by offering free online courses regularly. For everyone’s safety, we have temporarily switched all our trainings to free online courses, which means that you can learn something new in the safety of your own home!

To take free online trainings from Xcruit, all you have to do is:

  1. Complete your Xcruit profile
  2. Get your Xcruit E-Card
  3. Check the Xcruit training calendar and sign up for free classes.

Balancing the new normal is in our hands. At the end of the day, choosing to thrive will be up to us. In any way you want to move forward with your career, know that Xcruit is here to support you.

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