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Is it time to quit your job?

By Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor

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We all know that having a job, especially during this time when things are so uncertain, is important. But while it is essential for your livelihood, sometimes things add up to make us feel that it’s not just working anymore. When do you know that it’s time to quit? We have listed some indicators that say it’s time to look for better work.

5 signs you need to move on and leave your job

1. When it's not good for your well-being anymore

Do you have to drag yourself to work every day? Spending more time on OT than for things that matter to you? Not getting along with your boss and/or colleagues? If you are unhappy about your work and it drains your energy, it’s time to look for better opportunities. Beware though that while there may be toxic people at work, you may actually be the one causing the toxic environment. Recognizing the latter is important so you can work on improving yourself and don’t bring the negativity to your next workplace.

2. When your needs and priorities have changed

—and your current job does not serve them anymore. People satisfy different needs in different phases in their lives. Maybe you need work that will support you to grow in a certain career path (the company has a good training program), or a job that has better compensation and benefits because you’re starting a family. It’s also possible that you realize it’s more beneficial for you to work near your home (or, as the current situation demands, you need to work AT home). Whatever your reason is, it’s okay. If other companies can provide you what you need—both professionally and personally—then it’s time to bid farewell to your current job.

3. When you can’t be yourself

It would be great to work in a position or company where you can bring out who you really are—and such jobs exist! When you don’t get opportunities to maximize your skills, talents and strengths at your current job, it’s time to hand in your CV to a new company. Remember that work takes up most of our waking lives, so it’s better to make each working moment matter. Find work that encourages you to be your best self.

4. When the work that they gave you is not what you signed up for

Sometimes, your job role evolves and your responsibilities change. Job expansion is a great way to acquire new skills, and you should definitely give it a try. But if after giving it enough time you feel that it doesn’t feel right, or that it’s taking you away from your desired career path, then consider looking around for new work that needs your competencies.

5. When you want to shift gears

Our earliest jobs can be mere stepping stones. It’s the time and place to dip our feet in the water and get experience. But most of the time they are not the jobs we envisioned ourselves to be in, and that’s okay. Once you feel you have grown into your own skin and can take on bigger challenges, go ahead and try your luck in another company, or maybe even another industry. Pro tip: Make sure you enter a new industry through a job opening that you have the qualifications and experience for.

Understanding yourself and your long-term needs will help. Acknowledge when it's time to quit your job. Leaving an old job doesn’t have to be all negative. Sometimes, we just need to take the path that leads to our success.

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